SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE) is more than just a witty play on words, it is the first and only Reason Rack Extension plugin fully dedicated and optimized for detailed multiband ducking right out the box.  Meticulously designed by Reasonistas and thoroughly built by Lab One Recordings, with its unique user interface and free point movement, SCRE is far and away the most advanced yet simplest multiband sidechaining and envelope shaper available for Reason version 7.1 and higher.


SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE) is available through Reason Studio's Rent-to-Own progam for just 3 payments of $9.99/mo until you own it.  It's that simple.

SideChain ReAction Operation Manual

User Manual

Recently was turned onto this product by a friend who also recently also started using it in tutorials he is doing. I own cable guys volume shaper and LFO tool and not only is ReAction better at what it does but became my go-to for many other uses. Amazing Extension and one of the few I don't regret purchasing.

ReAction User

Simply Fantastic!

This RE is absolutely the Swiss Army knife for multiband sidechain work. Seriously, look no further, it's that great. The layout and GUI is great and everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Flip the rack around and your programming desires are met - it's CV heaven, so you can do everything you can imagine. Pick this thing up ASAP!

Ed Bauman

The Most Powerful Sidechain Tool.

I use it in almost all my songs that require side chaining!  I find it much easier to just draw the ducking curve that fits your needs and then set the dry / wet mix to adjust the depth of the effect.  The MIDI and the separate low / mid / high triggering have saved me lots the time and effort.  SCRE is an essential effect for my setup, which delivers on its goal.


This is indeed a very handy device.

SideChain ReAction is a must have tool for modern electronic music generes within the Reason realm, a Swiss Army knife of CV modulation and gating/enveloper in the same device.  I highly recommend it.


SideChain ReAction is a must have tool.

GUI looks fine and it's very simple to use.  Sound quality is good, and it does the job as it should be.  Price is also really good for the features it have. 10/10, I like it a lot.

Navi Retlav

Really good for ducking and creative use.

I have to say that Reaction is the best multi-band sidechain ducker not only for reason but really on the market!  In research of my in-depth review on ReAction (found here I used all of its major competitors and have been a long time user of Volume Shaper by The Cable Guys and none of them compare.  What is done in Volume Shaper can not only be done in half the time (with SCRE) but so much more efficiently.  Plus the quality is top rank.

Where ReAction excels in not only with the mutli-band ducking but really anything you throw at it and can be used just as efficiently as an audio correction and advanced  creative shaping tool.  Besides the fact that ReActions CV Controls are so flawlessly integrated that I would not be surprised if Propellerhead hired these guys for there next big utility.

Again I encourage you all to check out my review for a more in-depth look at ReAction:

Great work guys!!


ReAction is the best multi-band sidechain ducker.

SideChain ReAction Enveloper - as the name suggests - is a sidechain utility for Reason that does the job quite well.  It's a fairly easy to set it up and have a basic sidechain pumping in a few seconds.  The envelope editor is easy to understand, even though you'll probably need to learn the meaning of the symbols the first time you use it.  Sometimes it can be a bit fiddly to set the points if you want an instant jump from one value to another, but other than I think that drawing in the curves is fairly simple.  Various CV outputs and mutilband splitting make Side Chain ReAction Enveloper even more powerful utility as you can use the unit to automate other parameters in Reason and the volume of each frequency band separately.


A sidechain utility for Reason that does the job quite well.

When I first saw the unveiling of this device, I knew I had to have it as soon as it was released! 
If you are looking for amazing Sidechaining, Multiband Ducking, CV Control / Automation and much more, look no further. 

Having been using SideChain ReAction since release, it became part of the family in my custom Reason template and instant
ly speeded up my workflow. 

Being a Dubstep / EDM producer, this Rack Extension has and continues to serve me well with all my track sidechains and also creating unique CV automation for my heavy basses! Aesthetically it looks great, sits nicely in your rack and shows you everything you need, with all the curves you want and that all important giant Mix Amount knob. 

This is a Rack Extension that every serious producer and sound designer should have in their tool box!


The Master of Manipulation!

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