Reasonistas CoreReLation Phase Analyzer for Reason - Front Panel
Reasonistas CoreReLation Phase Analyzer for Reason - Back Panel

Reasonistas’ CoreReLation Phase Analyzer, also known as CORE, is the first Reason rack extension designed and optimized for detailed phase and stereo imaging analyzation. We partnered once again with Lab:One Recordings to meticulously design and build CORE.  With its unique user interface and iconic big knobs, CORE provides intuitively designed tools and visual mixing aids, essential for detecting and treating phasing and stereo imaging issues to ensure a proper mix balance in Reason versions 9.5 and higher.   Make your mix bold, wide, and solid to the CORE!


CORE Operation Manual

SideChain ReAction Operation Manual

CORE Official Combinator Backdrop (Free patches coming soon)

Reasonistas CoreReLation Phase Analyzer for Reason - Combinator Backdrop

This is perfect for users trying to find a RE replacement for Waves S1 Imager. It's a very useful tool.  Thanks for building it. 


SKP Sound Design

Nick @ SKP Sound Design

Thanks for building it.

A really nice stereo shaping tool!!!

BHK Samples

Alex @ BHK Samples

Great job!

We needed this since reasons inception (well, almost). Thank you!!!! Everyone must use this product. Not only an Correlation Meter but an imager as well. Great job Reasonistas!


Dusti @ LearnSoundDSine

Everyone must use this product.

I thank @reasonistas & @LabOneRecords  for bringing us an useful helper for mixing. CoreReLation also helps me to see what I'm doing to the stereo image. Correct panning can not only define a soundworld. It's also possible to avoid unwanted overlaying.

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu

Nicola Alexandra Hajdu

A useful helper for mixing.

CoreRElation is a great Tool. I can only recommend it!! SideChain is next up for trial. (I guess it won’t be a long trial period).

King of the Chill

King of the Chill

CoreReLation is a great Tool!

I think the @reasonistas team did a great job on this Reason RE. If you are on @propellerheadsw Reason, you should really give this one a trial.

devillion @8dev3

devillion @8dev3

Highly recommended 💪

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