Propellerhead Reason 9 Announced

You may recall in our April 20, 2016 "Reason 8.4 or 9.0" blog post we predicted with some degree of certainty that Reason 9.0 would be released at the end of June 2016. This prediction was based on Reason's own update history, which showed that Reason 8.0 was long overdue for another major version update.

Much to our surprise (insert sarcasm)

Propellerhead announced today that Reason 9 will be available world-wide on June 21st, 2016. This latest version of their flagship software introduces three new "Player" devices. Scales & Chords, Note Echo and Dual Arpeggio will "take your Reason instruments to a new level".

A major addition to Reason 9 is the new Pitch Edit function, which allows users to fix up out-of-tune vocals, reduce or remove vibrato, change their timing, create new melodies from an existing recording, change the dynamics and more. Reason 9 will also ship with a collection of one thousand cutting-edge sounds from professional sound designers. So, in true Reasonistas' fashion, we decided to transcribe Propellerhead's "Announcing Reason 9!" video. We did this for those that prefer to read about this latest update and see images of Reason 9 until the cows come home. Enjoy!

Note: The following is text and images are a transcribed from the above Propellerhead video announcing Reason 9.

[Begin Transcript]

We use the same word to describe the simple act of listening to music as we do for the expressive act of creating it, we play it. That's because playing music should be fun, inspiring and the way you play should unlock new ideas, new levels of quality and new sounds. So, get ready to play with Reason 9.

Making music in Reason has always been a special experience, but Reason 9 takes that experience to a whole other level with a new type of reason rack device, Players.

Players turns simple keyboard input into intelligent musical output, helping you create flawless musical phrases and progressions.

Scales & Chords

In its simplest form, with Scales & Chords, you can never play a wrong note and never stray away from your song’s key, but activate the chord switch, and what used to be complex chord progressions and harmony lines, instantly becomes intuitive to create.

Dual Arpeggio

Dual Arpeggio is exactly what its name suggests: two parallel arpeggiators. But, this polyphonic player picks up where recent classic RPG-8 left off, creating amazing new synth lines and chords while completely reinvigorating your favorite instruments.

Note Echo

Note Echo can be thought of like a delay effect for you sequencer, but while a traditional delay can only repeat the signal it’s given, Note Echo can manipulate the notes it repeats, opening you up to modern chiptune effects, strum or glissando styles, and many other possibilities for you to explore.

Each player is certainly powerful on its own, but it's when you combine players in Reason’s customizable modular rack, that the creative result jumps exponentially.

Reason 9 Sounds

Reason 9 ships with over 1000 brand new cutting-edge sounds by professional producers and sound designers. Whether you're making chart-topping anthems or the sound of the underground, Reason 9’s new sounds are sure to ignite creativity.

Audio Pitch Editor

When you're ready to polish your recordings to perfection, step into reasons brand new Audio Pitch Editor, a graphical way to adjust pitch, timing and phrasing. The Audio Pitch Editor gets vocals sounding professional all from inside Reason’s sequencer. Building on Reason’s legendary audio analysis algorithms, the Audio Pitch Editor doesn't just sound good, it sounds “Reason time-stretch good”.

And of course Reason 9 also adds several workflow enhancements like:

Bounce in Place (for quick audio renderer):

New Visual Themes:

Reverse MIDI clips:

Bounce Audio Clips to MIDI:

...and much more.

Reason 9: You're always inspired, never short on great sounds and polished to perfection. [End Transcript] Regarding the "and much more" comment, following is a list of smaller improvements in Reason 9:

  • You can now reverse note and automation clips (or selections of notes / automation points).

  • When reversing notes, the result depends on the "Reverse notes graphically" setting in the Tool window!

  • The Razor tool can now be used to split notes.

  • Zooming with the scroll wheel will now center on the mouse pointer position.

  • The left pane in all Edit Modes now shows the color of the edited track, for navigation help.

  • The Drop functionality has been updated to Drop to Allihoopa.

  • The previous "Your Profile" function has been replaced by "Your Products", directing you toyour list of owned products and Rack Extensions on

Reason 9 FAQ (from Propellerhead Software page):

[Quote] When is Reason 9 shipping?

Reason 9 will be available world-wide on June 21.

How much is Reason 9?

  • Reason 9 Full version: $399

  • Reason 9 upgrade for existing Reason users: $129

  • Reason 9 upgrade for owners of Reason Essentials/Adapted/Limited: $349

  • Reason 9 Essentials: $69

Can I be a beta tester?

Yes you can, if you own Reason 8 or Reason Essentials 8. All you need to do is to head over to the beta testing page and sign up.

Will there be a new version of Reason Essentials?

Yes. Reason Essentials 9 is coming too, with visual themes and workflow enhancements such as Bounce in place, reverse edit and better zoom. [End Quote]

So, sign up for the beta and let us know what you think of these new features or what features you wish had been added in this version.

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