Rob Papen's RG-RE Song Challenge

Welcome to Reasonistas' and Rob Papen's RG-RE Song Challenge.


  • Judge's decision is final.

  • Only 3 winners and 6 prizes total with a €/$150 cash alternative to the 1st place winner.

  • Song challenge begins Friday, February 19th, 2016.

  • Song challenge ends Saturday, March 19, 2016 @ 11:59 pm EST.

  • All entries must be uploaded to the Rob Papen's RG-RE Song Challenge SoundCloud Group.

  • After the closing date, you are not allowed to change, alter or resubmit your entry. Any resubmissions or alterations will result in disqualification.

  • All entrants, when requested, must be prepared to provide evidence that the rules have been adhered to. This includes providing a copy of the Reason song file to verify that only the RG-RE was used for all guitar sounds.

What you may use in your song:

  • RG-RE for all lead guitar sounds.

  • All Reason devices (Native and Rack Extensions) for non-lead guitar sounds.

  • Recorded instruments excluding lead guitars.

  • Recorded vocals.

  • Vocal samples.

What you may not use in your song:

  • No lead guitar sounds that are not RG-RE.

  • No external plug-ins or hardware except for drums.

  • No programs outside of Reason for mastering.

  • No copyrighted material.

THE SUBMISSION All participant songs must be uploaded to SoundCloud and submitted to the Rob Papen's RG-RE Song Challenge group:

There will be no submissions thread on the forum so please ensure you upload to SoundCloud and then add your tracks to the group page, ensuring you use your forum name so that we can easily identify you. THE JUDGES Rob Papen & Co. Noel G. (NoelGMusic)

  • Prominent showcasing of RG-RE.

  • Arrangement and songwriting.

  • Originality and creativity.

  • Mixing and engineering.


  • 1st place: RG-RE with 2 other Rob Papen products of choice or RG-RE and €/$150 cash

  • 2nd place: RG-RE with 1 other Rob Papen product of choice

  • 3rd place: RG-RE

RG-RE download: Good luck to everyone!

#SongChallenge #RobPapen #RGRE

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