Reasonistas "Free Device Checker" Combinator

Did you know as of today (September 14, 2019) there are 89 free Reason Devices available in the Propellerhead Shop?  Although Reasonistas provides the "Reason Rack", a free and searchable virtual Reason rack that shows all free Rack Extensions, we wanted to make it easier for Reason users to figure out which free Rack Extensions and Players are missing in their Reason account. 

To that end, we are happy to introduce Reasonistas "Free Device Checker" Combinator. This Combinator includes all 89 free devices, so if any of them are missing from your Reason account, Reason will prompt you to visit the Propellerhead shop to download the missing devices. Just click on the Combinator to open a new Reason song session or drop it into an open Reason song session and follow the onscreen prompts.  It's that simple!

You can download Reasonistas "Free Devices Checker" V.15 Combinator here:

Here is the Combinator backdrop in case you find other uses for it.
Reasonistas "Free Device Checker" Combinator Backdrop

Version update notes:

V15 - September 14, 2019 added

  • Efektor GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer by Kuassa

  • MODRACK ADSR by Murf

  • MODRACK LFO by Murf

  • MODRACK VCA by Murf

  • MODRACK VCO by Murf

  • FRONT-8 Graphical CV Router by Pepin Hazan

  • RVL-1 CV Display / Utility by Pepin Hazan

  • D1-RT Line Noise Injector by SKP Sound Design

  • AB Transpose by Tonicmint

V14 - May 29, 2019 added Forgotten Clank Studios' Omega Trimmer and Rainwaves' Ivy 

V13 - June 4, 2018 added all 18 Hamu Rack Extensions in honor of Håkan Müller's passing in May 2018.

  • Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave. To honor Håkan, you can use his 18 Rack Extensions for free from now on. Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

V12 - May 18, 2018 added Lectric Panda CV Player Tap Player

V11 - April 1, 2018 added Turn2on Pipeline Pressure Control

V10 - January 22, 2018 added Kilohearts kHs 3-Band EQ

V9 - December 30, 2017 added Lectric Panda Janitor CV Shaper

V8 - December 14, 2017 added Lab:One Recordings ReGain Audio Gain Assistant

V7 - November 21, 2017 added Låtskafferiet aka Skrock Music's Nautilus Bass Synth v1

V6 - October 25, 2017 added MagmaSonic's Classic Filter

V5 - October 5, 2017 added Lectric Panda LLC's Rostnomo Random Synthesizer

V4 - May 17, 2017 added Rob Papen's RPSpec Effect

V3 - May 8, 2017 added 3 additional free devices:

  • That Music Company's Distortion Chain

  • That Music Company's Mr. OverDrive

  • That Music Company's T2 Phaser

V2 - April 23, 2017 added 2 additional free devices:

  • Normen Hansen's VMG-01 Sample Delay

  • Rob Papen's Attention Instrument

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